Season15 Char - Slayer!

Warrior girl able to compete in PvP and kill the strongest server bosses!

Quest System

Complete tasks in different directions and get a reward!

Conquer yourself

In the struggle, victory is for those who are strong in spirit!


Dear Friends!
Due to the very low activity on the server, about 9-15 people, a large number of requests and a novelty (information that will be in the second part), we decide to switch the server to OBT mode in upcoming days!

- What does OBT mode mean? This means that the server goes into the easy-settings mode (all bosses have significantly less timer for respawning, the experience of normal, master and majestic level is greatly increased and other concessions) + the server is expecting significant changes, updates and fixes, which may also cause it not stable connection After the end of the OBT period, the database will be resetted before the official start.

The update features: new season, new items, maps, updated designs, and more!

We will be glad to see everyone in the open beta test!
See you very soon!

*More detailed information in our Discord channel.

Published by ADM, April 6, 2021


Good day players! Halloween is coming up and we have a quick, easy and fun event for you!
Who doesn’t know the FIND THE GM event? I think you all do but i’ll give you the mechanics to be fair with everyone. I, SirBLADE, will be randomly hiding anywhere from Lorencia ~ Raklion. So make sure all of the participants should be ready with at least 280 level. I will post a message on the game system that will give you a clue as to where I am each round. Example.
“I see some icy monsters. Its a bit chilly out here” So it means I must be somewhere in Devias. First player to find me will be the WINNER!

More detailed info read Here

Countdown timer is available until Events Starts!

Published by ADM, October 31, 2020

Welcome Freebies!

1. Just make a character - you'll get Panda Pet for 5 days, which increase your experience on 25%.
It's time to compete with old players! 

2. For new players first 10 resets easier to make - you have to pay only 10kk * reset count. 
(use command /reset in-game for first 10 resets!
Not applicable for GR's Players!


3. "Happy Hours" event
(Increase +25% Regular/Master, 15% Majestic Exp) 
+ 15% Drop for everyone, new and old players!

4. "Guild Bundle" Guild transfer more then 10 members - we offer to you 500WCoins for each account as welcoming gift.

To read more info about it, follow our Discord channel. 

Have a guild with more then 10 players? Contact us via Discord or Messanger on website.

Published by ADM, October 24, 2020


Dear Players, from 1st of October we starting special promotion for TOP-VOTERS of the month!

1st place - 1200 WCoins
2st place - 800 WCoins
3st place - 400 WCoins
4st place - 200 WCoins

Enter in to your account panel, visit "Vote for WCoins", vote for server and get FREE WCoins for few steps
Be active, take your place in top 4 voters and get ADDITIONAL bonus on your account.
Let's make game more interesting for everyone! 

Winners will be announced 01/11/2020.

Published by ADM, September 30, 2020

START 25 September!

Welcome to AZAMU.NET x50 project.
Server launch will be 25th September 2020.

12:00 (Brazil, Argentina, GMT -3)
18:00 (Eastern Europe GMT +3)
22:00 (Thailand, Vietnam GMT +7)

Or check our countdown timer on website!


All this time, while the server was in OBT stage, we are diligently working to improve the gameplay In order to provide you exciting gameplay to make you fell the spirit of a real Mu Online MMORPG game. This project is just begin his long journey, there are even more new ideas ahead, the implementation of new features, game improvements in every sense.

+ Custom Quest System
+ Soul of Ragnar, Abaddon and more bosses!
+ Custom Invasion Attack!
+ Zen-Jewels high economy!
+ Moss Merchant with impressive prizes for everyone
+ Bosses that will have to go with the whole team
+ Active Support
+ New currency "Miracle Coin"
+ Adjusted Master Skill Tree!
+ You have not seen such an implementation of the gameplay!

Start this interesting journey with us on Friday!

Discord channel for those who want to learn more about our innovations and concepts in general, as well as find new friends in our friendly community!

General information about server you can find
info and game-guide section.

Published by ADM, September 14, 2020