Season15 Char - Slayer!

Warrior girl able to compete in PvP and kill the strongest server bosses!

Quest System

Complete tasks in different directions and get a reward!

Conquer yourself

In the struggle, victory is for those who are strong in spirit!

START 25 September!

Welcome to AZAMU.NET x50 project.
Server launch will be 25th September 2020.

12:00 (Brazil, Argentina, GMT -3)
18:00 (Eastern Europe GMT +3)
22:00 (Thailand, Vietnam GMT +7)

Or check our countdown timer on website!


All this time, while the server was in OBT stage, we are diligently working to improve the gameplay In order to provide you exciting gameplay to make you fell the spirit of a real Mu Online MMORPG game. This project is just begin his long journey, there are even more new ideas ahead, the implementation of new features, game improvements in every sense.

+ Custom Quest System
+ Soul of Ragnar, Abaddon and more bosses!
+ Custom Invasion Attack!
+ Zen-Jewels high economy!
+ Moss Merchant with impressive prizes for everyone
+ Bosses that will have to go with the whole team
+ Active Support
+ New currency "Miracle Coin"
+ Adjusted Master Skill Tree!
+ You have not seen such an implementation of the gameplay!

Start this interesting journey with us on Friday!

Discord channel for those who want to learn more about our innovations and concepts in general, as well as find new friends in our friendly community!

General information about server you can find
info and game-guide section.

Published by ADM, September 14, 2020