Season15 Char - Slayer!

Warrior girl able to compete in PvP and kill the strongest server bosses!

Quest System

Complete tasks in different directions and get a reward!

Conquer yourself

In the struggle, victory is for those who are strong in spirit!

Welcome Freebies!

1. Just make a character - you'll get Panda Pet for 5 days, which increase your experience on 25%.
It's time to compete with old players! 

2. For new players first 10 resets easier to make - you have to pay only 10kk * reset count. 
(use command /reset in-game for first 10 resets!
Not applicable for GR's Players!


3. "Happy Hours" event
(Increase +25% Regular/Master, 15% Majestic Exp) 
+ 15% Drop for everyone, new and old players!

4. "Guild Bundle" Guild transfer more then 10 members - we offer to you 500WCoins for each account as welcoming gift.

To read more info about it, follow our Discord channel. 

Have a guild with more then 10 players? Contact us via Discord or Messanger on website.

Published by ADM, October 24, 2020