Opened SpeedX - x100

Dear friends! We launch SpeedX 2-PVP Sub-Server to help our new members grow faster, the main characteristics of the SpeedX server:

1. EXP for Regular level (1-400) is x100
2. Access open only up to 0 GR's, 8 resets
3. All major bosses are disabled
4. All custom invasions only on the 1-PVP Sub-Server!
5. Commands /offlevel, /offtrade - disabled.
6. All Red Dragons / Goldens / Sylphid's / Gold Rabbit's - reduced to minimum count.
7. Free Slots for this Sub-Server is limited.
8. GP for online time - disabled
9. Happy Hour - disabled
10. Zen -50% / Jewels Drop - removed

The main purpose of SpeedX Sub-Server is to help beginner members only in faster leveling.

If you or your friends doubted whether to start on our project, this is a great opportunity, quickly pump character and join the race for leadership!

Published by ADM, July 7, 2021