Season15 Char - Slayer!

Warrior girl able to compete in PvP and kill the strongest server bosses!

Quest System

Complete tasks in different directions and get a reward!

Conquer yourself

In the struggle, victory is for those who are strong in spirit!

TOP Rankings
1Soul WizardWarmize869Kubera Mine
2SlaughtererRuneSlayer841Swamp of Darkness
3SlaughtererEbabanel833Imperial Guardian
4Noble ElfVault827Imperial Guardian
5Soul WizardODYSSEY826Lorencia
6Grand Rune MasterEAGLESONG826Nixie Lake
7Dragon KnightTulkas819Nixie Lake
8Dimension SummonerLeonix810Imperial Guardian
9Dimension SummonerCroxalina806Nixie Lake
10Noble ElfPienaPaka801Nars
11High ElfElfini800Nixie Lake
12Grand Rune MasterB1VCKwhite796Imperial Guardian
13High ElfInfinita791Deep Dungeon
14Dimension MasterBear788Elbeland
15High ElfEevee787Nixie Lake
16Master SlayerRoyal787Nixie Lake
17High ElfIceQueen786Nixie Lake
18Dimension MasterLyka786Lorencia
19Lord EmperorJoker781Noria
20Fist MasterKingas780Nixie Lake
21Blade MastereAgon780Kalima 7
22Fist MasterHALK780Nixie Lake
23High Elfpeanut777Nars
24Fist MasterFlaz772Nixie Lake
25Grand MasterCapp771Kanturu
26Fist MasterKastoprav762Nars
27Master SlayerTANTALOS761Nixie Lake
28High ElfBreeze751Nars
29Dimension MasterLaChimus750Deep Dungeon
30High ElfLEXA749Nixie Lake
31Dimension MasterOCEHb744Lorencia
32Master SlayerJakTymGrac742Nars
33High ElfBuffy730Lorencia
34Soul Wizardneroxx727Urk Mountain
35SlaughtererJavija721Urk Mountain
36Grand MasterNonsense718Nars
37Dimension MasterSummoner716Arena
38Blade MasterSnowWhite713Aida
39Grand MasterKanoso712Lorencia
40High ElfMorseR710Nars
41Master SlayerSLAYA708Nars
42High ElfPOWER707Kalima 6
43Lord EmperorGiulian707Urk Mountain
44Duel MasterMin0s702Lorencia
45Lord EmperorARTAS702Nars
46High ElfRAEKA699Swamp of Calmness
47High ElfCascada697Arena
48Blade MasterBoNn3rCitO696Nars
49Dimension MasterEsdeath692Nixie Lake
50Fist MasterLOCKERFELL689Urk Mountain
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