Season15 Char - Slayer!

Warrior girl able to compete in PvP and kill the strongest server bosses!

Quest System

Complete tasks in different directions and get a reward!

Conquer yourself

In the struggle, victory is for those who are strong in spirit!

TOP Rankings
ClassNameResets GRLevelGensGuild
1Master SlayerRoyal14 2797Gens VanertRUSSIA
2High ElfIceQueen14 2796Gens VanertRUSSIA
3Master SlayerTANTALOS8 2769Gens VanertRUSSIA
4Grand Rune MasterEAGLESONG35 1826Gens VanertDestiny
5Soul WizardWarmize33 1869Gens VanertDestiny
6Dimension SummonerCroxalina25 1810Gens VanertDestiny
7SlaughtererEbabanel25 1537Gens VanertRUSSIA
8Dragon KnightTulkas18 1819Gens VanertDestiny
9Soul Wizardneroxx18 1756Gens DuprianGameOver
10High ElfDiamond17 1692Gens DuprianGameOver
11Fist MasterHALK10 1780Gens VanertRUSSIA
12SlaughtererJavija9 1754Gens DuprianGameOver
13Lord EmperorGiulian7 1729Gens DuprianGameOver
14Grand Rune MasterB1VCKwhite2 1796Gens VanertRUSSIA
15Noble ElfVault1 1527Gens VanertGone
16Dimension MasterLyka35 0786Gens DuprianHonoR
17High ElfInfinita33 0791Gens DuprianHonoR
18Blade MasterBoNn3rCitO33 0696Gens DuprianGameOver
19Grand MasterFaceBook33 0267Gens DuprianGameOver
20Lord EmperorJoker31 0781Gens VanertRUSSIA
21Fist MasterLOCKERFELL31 0689Gens DuprianLUMINOUS
22Lord EmperorNoMercY31 0685Gens Vanert
23Grand MasterNonsense30 0718Gens VanertRUSSIA
24Grand MasterPAESE29 0559Gens DuprianGameOver
25SlaughtererRuneSlayer27 0841Gens DuprianHonoR
26Grand MasterBELDIN27 0631Gens DuprianTHEBOYS
27Dimension MasterOCEHb26 0744Gens Vanert
28High ElfMorseR26 0714Gens DuprianGameOver
29Dimension MasterEsdeath26 0692Gens DuprianIMMORTAL
30Grand MasterKanoso25 0712Gens Duprian
31Blade Mastersickofyou25 0581Gens Vanert
32Dimension MasterSummoner24 0716Gens DuprianGameOver
33Fist MasterKastoprav23 0762Gens Duprian
34Duel MasterMin0s23 0702Gens Duprian
35Fist MasterNixx23 0455Gens VanertRUSSIA
36High Elfpeanut22 0777Gens VanertRUSSIA
37High ElfBreeze22 0751Gens Vanert
38Dimension MasterLaChimus22 0750Gens DuprianGameOver
39High ElfCascada22 0697Gens VanertCTRL
40Soul WizardODYSSEY21 0826Gens Vanert
41Noble ElfPienaPaka21 0801Gens VanertRUSSIA
42High ElfLEXA21 0749Gens Duprian
43High Elfaetegy21 0657Gens DuprianGameOver
44High ElfEKAA21 0532Gens VanertDestiny
45Dimension MasterBear20 0788Gens VanertRUSSIA
46Blade MasterSnowWhite20 0713Gens DuprianHonoR
47Fist MasterRaDragon20 0657Gens VanertRUSSIA
48Lord EmperorMauroUwU20 0539Gens Duprian
49Fist MasterFlaz19 0772Gens VanertRUSSIA
50Master SlayerSmbh19 0652Gens VanertDestiny
51High ElfEevee18 0787Gens Vanert
52Duel MasterBoom17 0458
53Master SlayerIcedtea17 0149Gens DuprianIMMORTAL
54Dimension SummonerLeonix16 0810Gens VanertGone
55Fist MasterKingas16 0780Gens VanertGone
56High ElfRAEKA16 0699
57Mirage LancerIkelia16 0661Gens DuprianGameOver
58Blade MasterNeos16 0659Gens DuprianHonoR
59Dimension MasterGiulietta16 0573Gens DuprianHonoR
60Grand Rune MasterNitritO16 0535Gens DuprianHonoR
61Fist Masterkele16 0529Gens VanertCTRL
62Muse ElfAlasta16 0358Gens VanertRUSSIA
63Master SlayerJakTymGrac15 0742Gens VanertValhalla
64Grand MasterMunsoN15 0666Gens Duprian
65High ElfEmma15 0492Gens DuprianBranK
66High ElfLolita14 0605Gens Duprian
67High ElfFiorella14 0543
68High ElfNamiSwaN14 0512Gens DuprianLaTribu
69Lord Emperornoob14 0477Gens VanertDestiny
70Blade KnightEliasxD14 0255
71Lord EmperorARTAS13 0702Gens Duprian
72High ElfLisa13 0613Gens VanertDestiny
73Blade MasterEEker13 0608Gens VanertDestiny
74Grand MasterReiz13 0599Gens Vanert
75Dimension MasterKira13 0597
76Master SlayerRaper13 0592
77Blade MasterOjciec13 0536Gens VanertValhalla
78Dark LordDevilDL13 0400Gens Vanert
79High ElfElfini12 0800Gens VanertDestiny
80Master SlayerSLAYA12 0709
81High ElfVilma12 0672Gens DuprianGameOver
82Dimension MasterLunatiC12 0656
83Lord EmperorBATIBOT12 0552Gens DuprianIMMORTAL
84High ElfMerlin12 0543Gens DuprianLaTribu
85Master SlayerLadyCzyrah12 0515Gens DuprianIMMORTAL
86Fist MasterMInaT012 0490
87Blade MastereAgon11 0780Gens VanertRUSSIA
88High ElfBuffy11 0730Gens VanertGone
89Blade MasterMYTH11 0688Gens DuprianHonoR
90High ElfSadLofi11 0652Gens VanertDestiny
91Lord EmperorLahn11 0647Gens VanertDestiny
92Master SlayerSlaz11 0590Gens VanertGone
93Mirage LancerShattrstar11 0566Gens DuprianIMMORTAL
94Blade MasterMamTeMoc11 0553Gens DuprianGameOver
95Mirage LancerFlamlheart11 0498Gens DuprianGameOver
96Grand MasterTheDong11 0429Gens VanertRUSSIA
97Fist MasterKronos11 0407Gens Vanert
98Grand MasterCapp10 0771Gens VanertGone
99High Elfb0zenk410 0515Gens Vanert
100High ElfMileiPresi10 0509Gens DuprianLaTribu